Use of Taguchi Method to Analyse a Robust Design for Titanium –aluminum Sandwich Sheets during Rolling

Dyi-Cheng Chen*, Ching-Pin Chen
Department of Industrial Education and Technology,National Changhua University of Education, Changhua 500, Taiwan, R.O.C.

This study conducts a finite element analysis of the plastic deformation of titanium-aluminum sandwich sheets in the cold rolling process. The present finite element code is based on a rigid-plastic model. It is assumed that the rolls are rigid bodies and that the heat transfer effect of temperature during rolling to be ignored. The influence of various parameters of the rolling process on the plastic deformation of the
titanium-aluminum sandwich sheets are investigated, including the roll diameter, the upper/middle sheet layer thickness ratio, the total sheet thickness at the entrance, the friction factors, the temperature of the titanium and aluminum sheets in the sandwich sheets.
The Taguchi method is used to optimize the rolling process parameters. The radii of the rolls, the temperature of the titanium Ti-6Al-4V sheet and the temperature of the aluminum A6061 sheets are influential design parameters in determining the Y-load during rolling. The numerical results provide a valuable insight into the deformation mechanisms involved in the rolling of titanium-aluminum sandwich sheets..

KEYWORDS:  Finite element analysis, Titanium-aluminum sandwich sheets, Taguchi method

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