Grid Service Model for Multi-Area Power Systems, On-Line Dynamic Security Analysis

Ramadoss Ramesh and  Velimuthu Ramachandran 
College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai-25, India


The main objective of this paper is to develop a distributed model using grid 
environment through which the power system operation can be analyzed for voltage 
security, line overheads and reactive power violations with different assumed 
contingencies. Grid computing is a viable solution in order to exploit the enormous 
amount of computing power available across the Internet to solve large interconnected 
power system problems. A grid service model is proposed for on-line dynamic security 
analysis, which provides contingency ranking at specific intervals of time. The 
proposed model is designed in such a way that any node in the grid can provide the 
contingency ranking, which can obtain the power system data from other client grid 
nodes and responds with the contingency ranking based on their performance indices. 
Hence the proposed model is highly distributed and has inherent features of scalability 
and reliability implicitly

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