Neural Observer Design For Cryptography based on 4D Hyperchaotic Oscillator

V.Natarajan1	   P.Kanagasabapathy2   N.Selvaganesan3   C.V.Pugazhselvi4

1Lecturer, 2 Professor, 4 PG Student, Department of Instrumentation Engineering
MIT Campus, Anna University, Chromepet, Chennai 600044, India.
3Lecturer, Department of EEE, Pondicherry Engineering College
Pondicherry-605014, India: E-mail:


The design of a neural observer for secure communication of a hyperchaotic system in 
cryptographic applications is presented. The transmitter and receiver, which are based on a
4D hyperchaotic oscillator, are synchronized by exploiting the concept of observer from the
control theory. The scalar transmitted signal is designed in such a way that the hyperchaotic
carrier masks the encrypted signal, which in turn hides the message signal. A dynamic
neural observer is designed for state estimation purposes in the receiver side. An n-shift
cipher key algorithm is used to encrypt / decrypt the signal. The validity of the proposed
secure communication scheme is confirmed by simulation results.

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