Estimation of Time Dependent Mesh Stiffness of Spur Gear using Finite Element Method


*Laboratory of Electro-Mechanical Systems (LASEM) Sfax Tunisia
+Preparatory Institute of Engineers' Studies of Sfax, BP 805 3018 Sfax Tunisia
**Contact and Solid Mechanics Laboratory (LaMCoS), UMR CNRS 5511 INSA de
Lyon, b�iment 113 Avenue Albert Einstein, 69621 Villeurbanne Cedex , France
E-mail :,,,


This paper addresses the use of finite element method to predict the mesh stiffness from 
the determination of the tooth displacement at the load position. A Fortran Power-
Station 4.0 program is developed. It permits firstly, to obtain the gear geometric
characteristics and secondly generates automatically the finite element meshing of a
tooth or a gear. This program is interfaced with the COSMOS/M, finite element analysis
program [6], so that the time varying mesh stiffness of a gear system is calculated. The
effects of some gear geometric parameters on the mesh stiffness are identified.

Key words
Gears mesh stiffness, local, bending and body stiffness, finite element model.

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