Matlab Based Human & Hardware-in-Loop Simulation System of Vehicle Dynamics

(ShangHai JiaoTong University , 200240 China)
Address:Lab of Automotive Engineering, No.800 Dongchuan Rd., Minhang District
Shanghai in China   Zip 200240


This paper describes in detail a low cost method to implement Human & hardware in the loop simulation(HHILS) based on matlab system, which can be used to study vehicle dynamics control(VDC) and human driving actions in abrupt situations. A hybrid control algorithm, which makes full use of the advantages of robust control and fuzzy logic, was adopted in the VDC control system. The results of HHILS show that the application of HHILS on the vehicle handling and VDC research is feasible. The HHILS results also show that the handling performance of the vehicle with VDC is improved obviously compared to that without VDC.
Key words: Human & Hardware in the Loop Simulation; Vehicle Dynamics Control;
Robust-Fuzzy Control; Matlab xPCTarget; Virtual Reality

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