The integrated analysis of product design for assembly


Qingjin Peng and Heewan Lee

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing engineering, University of Manitoba, R3T 5V6, Canada
Tel.: 1-204- 474-6843; Fax: 1-204- 275-7507; Email:


ABSTRACT Design for assembly (DFA) is an important concept in product development to reduce the cost and to improve the quality. DFA mainly uses a forward analysis from a product design to the final assembly, neglecting the backward validation using assembly planning to verify the product design. This paper proposes an integrated DFA analysis for the product design. It integrates the product design analysis and the genetic algorithm in assembly planning to achieve a complete application of DFA in product development. Criteria of the design analysis are established using DFA rules, the assembly efficiency and the connector-based fitness function. Design alternatives and assembly sequences are considered simultaneously to improve a product design.

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