Numerical Investigation of Internal laminar Flow Generated by a Retreated-Blade Paddle and a Flat-Blade Paddle in a Vessel Tank


Zied DRISS, Hedi KCHAOU, Mounir BACCAR and Mohamed Salah ABID

National School of Engineers of Sfax ENIS, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Laboratory of Electro-mechanic Systems LASEM, B.P. W 3038 Sfax, TUNISIE
E-mail:,,, E-mail: ,


ABSTRACT In this work, we have conducted computer simulations of laminar mixing generated within a retreated-blade paddle and a flat-blade paddle in a vessel tank. The three-dimensional flow of fluid is numerically analysed using the equations of continuity and motion. The computational method used is based on a finite volume discretization. The good agreement between the numerical results and the experimental data confirm the validity of the analysis method.

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