Troubleshooting in Hydraulic Systems Using Knowledge-Based Methods


C. Angeli

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Technological Institute of Piraeus

Konstantinoupoleos 38, N. Smirni

GR-171 21 Athens, Greece





A. Chatzinikolaou

S. Patsi 62

GR-118 55 Athens, Greece





Fault diagnosis in hydraulic systems includes a particular difficulty because of the inaccessibility of many hydraulic elements and the possible risk by the searching for possible faults due to the high operating pressures. Knowledge-based methods suitably applied are able to offer effective solutions to the diagnostic problem for these systems. This paper presents the diagnostic difficulties of these systems and the way that knowledge representation structures have been applied to overtake these difficulties. Finally, the paper discusses two methods and their suitability for various requirements of the practice.

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