Fuzzy Gateway Congestion Control Algorithm


1V. Jawahar Senthilkumar, 2S. Karthik, 3Dr. S. K. Srivatsa

1,2Research Scholar, Simulation Lab, EEE, College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University

veerajawahar@yahoo.com, skarthick76@rediffmail.com

3Professor, ECE, MIT Campus, Anna University, Chennai, India.




The rapid growth of Internet together with the high volume of Data carried by it and increased demand to use the Internet for time sensitive voice & video applications has necessitated the design and utilization of effective congestion control algorithms. The structure of the Network complexity, and a large number of dynamic parameters contribute to difficulties in obtaining effective congestion control strategies. The uncertainty involved in the identification of Network parameters also gives rise to difficulties in obtaining a realistic and cost effective analytical model of these networks to analyse the congestion control problem. It is difficult to apply the classical control system design method in the worst-case analysis of networks. . In this paper, a Fuzzy based feedback flow control algorithm called FGCA (Fuzzy Gateway Congestion control Algorithm) has been proposed to improve the throughput in Satellite Networks. FGCA is effective even in the worst case. The performance of the proposed control algorithm has been evaluated using simulation and the results were compared with RLM. The comparison shows that FGCA is superior.

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