Selective-Disassembly Sequence Planning on the Internet


Chulho Chung and Qingjin Peng

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

The University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 5V6, Canada



De-manufacturing (DM) is an important process in product life cycle. Selective-disassembly is the separation of selected parts from a product, which plays an important role in product DM. It is necessary to consider de-manufacturability at the early stage of product development with the support of globally collaborative DM analysis in supply chain management. Current product analysis related to DM is regarded as a post-processing in product development. This paper introduces an efficient sequence planning for de-manufacturability. The research described proposes a selective-disassembly sequence planning for DM on the Internet, which improves the performance of distributed and collaborative product development.

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