Design and Simulation of Supervisory Machining Controller


Siddesh. S. D

Department of Production Engineering,

Fr. C. Rodrigues College of Engineering,

Bandra (w), Mumbai 400050, INDIA


Madnaik. S. D

Walchand College of Engineering,

Sangli, Shivaji University,

Maharashtra 416416, INDIA






This paper discusses the design and simulation of supervisory machining controller with multiple control modules. The designed controller performs the function of coordination, monitoring and control of quality variables at a reference optimum value. Controller generates the online feed rate using cutting force model in error free condition. Whenever there are violations of design constraints, appropriate controller is initiated to reduce the deviation. Chatter is controlled by setting depth of cut and spindle speed to safe values. Required surface finish is achieved by high spindle speed. The design incorporates online tuning of the model with a view to fine-tune the model parameters with reference to measured values. In the event of model error, tool deflection, wear conditions, adaptive controller is initiated to generate the feed and to reduce the error. The generated feed will keep the quality variables at the desired value. Dynamic modelling and simulation of the supervisory controller is done using Simulink, software for modelling dynamic systems. Optimum cutting force for the desired levels of material removal rate, tool deflection, tool life and surface roughness at different stages of machining is estimated offline by applying the desirability function approach. Estimated force is used as reference for the generation of the feed.

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