Development of a CAD/CAM System for a Dumper Mechanism

Hsin-Sheng Lee

Department of Power Mechanical Engineering,

National Huwei University of Science and Technology,

Huwei, Yunlin, Taiwan, 632, R.O.C.




In this paper, a CAD/CAM integrated system for a dumper mechanism is developed. The vector loop method was used to determine the position of the dumper container, and Visual Basic program language (VB) was used to develop the position analysis program. CATIA was used to construct the part parametric solid models, mechanism virtual prototype, simulate the kinematic analysis and cutting state. Finally, the dumper mechanism prototype was manufactured by a CNC milling machine. Integrated with VB, CATIA and FrontPage, this paper develops a CAD/CAM system for the dumper mechanism, and a demonstration example is presented to verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed system. This paper is not only useful for developing a supplementary teaching tool for practical computer-aided mechanism design courses, but also designed specifically for education for low cost and easy programming instead of using an expensive piece of industrial equipment.


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