Simulation of the Dynamic Suspension Loads associated with Variable Speed Direct Drive Wind Turbines


D. Pearce*, M. Philip*, I. Whibley & E. Cutts

*School of Engineering, University of Brighton,

Lewes Rd, Brighton, BN2 4GJ


Aegis Rubber Engineering Ltd,

Bolney Grange Industrial Park, West Sussex, RH17 5PA



The design of a robust and durable suspension system capable of supporting the new and larger breed of wind generator requires knowledge of the dynamic loads expected under extreme working conditions. A kinetic model, representative of a wind generator, has been investigated with the purpose of measuring the transient behaviour. The angular deflection of the turbine and suspension system has been predicted when subject to abrupt change in operating conditions. The dynamic behaviour of the turbine system is simulated for both natural and synthetic rubber based materials, which feature as the principal components within a suspension system. The predicted loads are presented for both variations in stiffness and damping properties. The influence of the natural frequencies of the turbine transmission system together with the variation in static stiffness, provided by the suspension mounting, are reviewed in relation to the prediction of peak load and deflection.


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