Virtual Prototyping of a domestic robot for design and navigation optimization

A. Martínez1, L. Núñez1, M. Fernández2, S. Casas2 and J. Landaluze1
1 IKERLAN Research Centre. E-20500 Arrasate-Mondragon (The Basque Country). Spain
2 ARTEC Group, Valencia University. E-46980 Paterna (Valencia). Spain


This paper describes the application developed as part of the “PROSIGRAT” research project carried out by IKERLAN and Valencia University’s ARTEC group dealing with the use of Real Time simulation for services and products evaluation. The application consists of the development of a Real Time graphic simulation of a domestic mobile robot moving in a virtual environment and guided by a real physical navigation and control system, based on the HIL methodology concept. This is a clear example in which the Real Time simulation of a mechatronic system interacting with the environment leads to a reduction in the time-to-market of a new product that has been well tested and operates in a safe, reliable way. The paper shows the details of the application and the main conclusions obtained.

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