Remote Method Invocation Based Multi-Area Power System Load Flow Monitoring Simulations In XMLISED Environment

                   K. Nithiyananthan and V. Ramachandran
               Centre for Professional Development Education
                       College of Engineering, Guindy
                  Anna University, Chennai 600 025, India.


The main objective of this paper is to construct a distributed environment through which the load flow solutions of multi - area power systems can be monitored and controlled.  A single-server/multi-client architecture which enables the neighbouring power systems to access the remote load flow server at any time, with their respective data and to get the load flow solutions from the remote server has been proposed. In addition to the proposed work, a power system data conversion model is developed to represent the entire power system data in to an Extensible Mark-up language (XML) form to overcome the legacy issues associated with multi ľarea power systems. An RMI based distributed environment has been implemented in such a way that for every specific time interval, the remote server obtains the system data simultaneously from the neighbouring power systems which are the clients registered with the remote server and solutions from the server
have been sent back to the respective clients.

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