Computer Aided Expert System for Management of Bridges

K. M. Anwar Hossain
Department of Civil Engineering, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada


This paper presents the development of a computer aided bridge management system (CADBMS) for Papua New Guinea. This includes the creation of a
bridge management information system database (BMISD) based on all bridges in the country. BMISD serves as a complete data bank for bridges and can be
used to retrieve or update information for any bridge. The information from BMISD is critically analysed to create a knowledge-based database (KBD)
logically linking all bridge parameters to the repair, maintenance and rehabilitation (RMR) options. The KBD is written in Micro-soft Excel with
its Visual Basic Interface (VBI). The data supplied by the user will be processed by the expert system to produce best RMR options with due
consideration of economy. The engineer is then being able to choose the preferred RMR option for a particular damage for any arbitrary bridge.
CADBMS is found useful and attractive to students, consulting firms and practicing engineers.

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