Interoperability Framework of Intelligent Mobile Agent for DIS*

Xiangjun Sun1), Fengyu Liu1), Manwu Xu2),Yong Qi1)
1) Department of Computer Science & Technology, NUST, Nanjing, China, 210094
2) State Key Software Technology Laboratory, NJU, Nanjing, China, 210093


In the operational simulation field, joint operational simulations bring complex dependencies among systems across different services. Different platforms and simulations also need interoperability, which attracts more and more attention of computer scientists. This paper introduces the Intelligent Mobile Agent into operational simulation field, it discusses the main research works about interoperability, then brings up an interoperability framework of Intelligent Mobile Agent for DIS, and tries to make use of the Interoperability of Intelligence Mobile Agent to correct the current deficiency of Distributed Interactive Operational Simulation Systems. Prototype system we have constructed shows that there is an improvement in different simulation systems interoperability.

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