Fatigue Analysis of a Plate-with-a-hole Specimen and a Truck Exhaust
Bracket Using Computer-Based Approach

Dr. Sophie H R Lo1, Adam Bevan2

Dept. of Engineering and Technology, Manchester Metropolitan University, John
Dalton Building, Chester Street, Manchester M1 5GD, UK

 E-Mail: s.h.r.lo@mmu.ac.uk 1, a.bevan@mmu.ac.uk 2

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FE-based fatigue analysis was applied to a plate-with-a-hole specimen and a truck exhaust bracket to predict the critical location and fatigue life. Commercial software packages were used for both finite element and fatigue analysis. The objectives were to verify the quality of the virtual approach to durability assessment and establish good practice in using such software packages. The predictions from computer simulation and analysis were correlated with laboratory test results. The issues relating to FE mesh quality and its effect on the subsequent fatigue analysis was investigated. Different methods of material elastic-plastic correction were used and the results compared. This investigation has demonstrated the effect of each major input to fatigue analysis software on the life prediction and some measures that can help improve the correlation between the predicted and the tested fatigue life.

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