A Fast Springback Prediction Based on The Deformation
Theory Of Plasticity and Implicit Algorithm

Xu Feng*, Lin Zhongqin, Li Shuhui

School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China

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Springback has negative influences on the dimensional accuracy of stamped parts. In the past decades, researchers have proposed several ways to predict springback, among which the coupled explicit–implicit finite element method is currently in wide use. However, at present this method usually consumes much CPU time and may not be suitable at the preliminary product feasibility stage. This paper describes a one-step–implicit method to efficiently predict springback for the purpose of practical use. One-step approach, which is based on the deformation theory of plasticity, has been implemented in a code to calculate the strain and stress distribution in the sheet after forming process. Then a commercial implicit solver is used to handle springback calculation. Validation against a square cup and application to an auto-body component are presented with emphasis on the efficiency of the proposed method. Also, limitations of the method are listed.

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