H. Zhang* and C. M. Tam

Department of Building & Construction, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
E-mail: 50001778@plink.cityu.edu.hk  (* corresponding author)

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Timely resource allocation, which is a dynamic decision-making process dependent on real-time information during construction, is crucial to obtaining high construction productivity or saving costs, especially when the resources are limited. In the consideration of operational and stochastic characteristics of construction operations and the fuzziness of decision objectives for an appropriate allocation policy (due to imprecision or subjectivity of decision criteria), a fuzzy dynamical resource allocation (FDRA) based on the fuzzy decision-making approach is developed. In order to model the dynamic resource allocation decisions, the FDRA is built into a discrete-event simulation system through activity scanning strategy. Accordingly, the discrete-event simulation is improved with the decision-making ability.

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