Eliminating Stator Oscillation Through FIN Placement

C. Lucas*, D. Shahmirzadi** and H. Ghafoorifard***

*Dep. Of Electrical and computer Eng., University Of Tehran, and School Of
Intelligent Systems, IPM, Tehran, Iran
P.O.Box 19395-5746, Email: Lucas@ipm.ir
**Dep. Of Mechanical Eng. , University Of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
Email: Danial_Shahmirzadi@me.ut.ac.ir
***Dep. Of Electrical Eng., Amirkabir University Of  Technology, and School Of
Intelligent Systems, IPM,  Tehran, Iran
Email: h_ghafoorifard@hotmail.com

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Elimination   of  stator oscillations  in  electromotors  are  among   the  least   studied,  but important problem that can  influence  the electric performance, mechanical  wear and tear and acoustic noise. In this paper, we aim to  manipulate the natural  frequencies  and  deflections in  the body  of  the stator through using convenient set of fins (that are used in all machines for improved heat transfer),  in our  modal analysis. We focused  on SR motors, whose  stator oscillation problems  due to radial forces have been reported as more acute as compared  to similar motors.  We  have shown   that,  it is possible to virtually  eliminate the oscillations  from  the  body of  the stator and  position  natural frequencies of several modes of oscillations in a uniform and lower range, through selecting fins of  proper length  and number.

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