Modelling of Hydraulic Systems and a Fault Detection Method

A. Chatzinikolaou
Bosch Rexroth S.A.
S. Patsi 62
GR-118 55 Athens
C. Angeli
Technological Institute of Piraeus
Konstantinoupoleos 38, N. Smirni
GR-171 21 Athens

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Mathematical modelling information suitably connected with artificial intelligence techniques can improve the reliability of engineering diagnostic systems. Mathematical models that describe the dynamic behaviour of a system and run under specific time constrains are useful for the establishment of a real-time fault detection system. This paper presents the modelling and simulation process of the dynamic behaviour of a hydraulic system and the use of the modelling information for the detection faults by a diagnostic expert system. This expert system detects real-time faults working in parallel with dynamic industrial automated processes.

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