Development of a CAD/CAE/CAM Integrated System
for a Tractor Mechanism

Hsin-Sheng Lee* and Shinn-Liang Chang
Department of Power Mechanical Engineering
National Huwei Institute of Technology
Huwei, Yunlin, Taiwan, 632, R.O.C
E-mail: (* corresponding author)

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In this paper, a CAD/CAE/CAM integrated system for a tractor mechanism was developed. The vector loop method and JavaScript were used to build the design module. Pro/ENGINEER was used to construct the parametric solid models. Pro/Mechanica was used to simulate kinematic analysis. MasterCAM was used to implement cutting simulation, and the prototype was made using a CNC milling machine. A demonstration example is presented to verify the analysis results and feasibility of the proposed system. This integrated system not only promotes automation capability for tractor mechanism production, but also simplifies the CAD/CAE/CAM process of the tractor mechanism. This integrated system is useful for developing a supplementary teaching tool for practical computer-aided mechanism design courses.

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