The Effects of Baffles and End-caps on Coupled Vibration
and Sound Radiation of Finite Cylindrical Shells

X.M Zhang* , G.R.Liu and K.Y.Lam
Institute of High Performance Computing
89-C Science Park Drive #02-11/12
The Rutherford, Singapore Science Park 1
Singapore 118261
Fax: (65) 8745043

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A coupled structure-acoustic analysis by analytical methods is available only for simple structures. For a finite cylindrical shell, the coupled analysis is carried out with the analytical methods based on the hypothesis of two semi-infinite shell baffles. In this paper the Finite Element and Boundary Element methods are adopted to investigate the effects of baffles and end-caps on the coupled dense fluid and shell problems. Three models of the shell are created. They are respectively the finite shells enclosed by two plate end-caps, with baffled shells and with two semi-sphere end-caps. It shows that the coupled natural frequencies are nearly the same for the three models. The sound radiation is only affected with the baffles in a small range close to the shell ends.

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