A self tuning controller for a switchable damper suspension

A. M. A. Soliman1 and D. A. Crolla2

1Minia University, Egypt, E-Mail arefmsoliman@yahoo.com
2The University of Leeds, UK, E-Mail D.A.Crolla@leeds.ac.uk

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In vehicle suspension design, an adaptive system is intended to deal with slow dynamic changes corresponding to changes in road input conditions. However, the adaptation to the variation of vehicle parameters is an important consideration in the switchable damper. This paper represents a self-tuning control algorithm for vehicle suspension design. The controller provides the set of gains over different operating conditions, and is based on the adapted estimates of vehicle parameters and states, and the adapted weighting parameters. A quarter car model for the switchable damper suspension system is used. The effect of extreme cases with a fixed gain controller for the switchable damper suspension system is investigated. The proposed self-tuning system was used to control the switchable damper suspension system. The results showed that the switchable damper with self-tuning gives a significant improvement over fixed gains and passive suspension system.

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