Vol 2 Number 1
            ISSN 1468-1137


Volume 12 - Number 3 
Main Article
Control of an Evaporative Cooling Process  

Other Articles
Formulation of a Fast Vortex Method using MDGRAPE-2
Evolutionary approach for fault diagnosis and condition monitoring of machine-structure

Main Article:

Effects of offset angles on the rolling process of a three-roll planetary mill by three-dimensional finite element analysis. 

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Other Articles:

Laser Penetration in a Powder Bed During Selective Laser Sintering of Metal Powders: Simulations versus Experiments.

 Simulation of Shear Texture Formation in the Surface Layer of Interstitial Free Steel Sheets.

 A Web-Based Simulator for Penicillin Production.

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Yeong-Maw Hwang, Ming-Hu Chang and Shyue-Jian Wu.

 T. Laoui, X. Wang, T. H. C. Childs, J. P. Kruth, L. Froyen.

 Weimin Mao.

 Inanç Birol, Cenk Ündey, Gülnur Birol, and Ali Çinar. 

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