Simulation of Shear Texture Formation in the
Surface Layer of Interstitial Free Steel Sheets

Weimin Mao
Department of Metal Materials, University of Science and Technology Beijing,
100083 Beijing, People's Republic of China,

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The development of rolling texture is simulated in the center and surface layers of interstitial free steel sheets with high and normal strength. The Sach's assumption is used for simulation. The deformation is conducted under the condition of different ratios of {110}/{112} slip and different shear stresses applied on the sheet surface. Based on the analysis of the formation processes of different shear texture components, the dislocation slips are simultaneously activated on the {110} and {112} planes. The {001}<110> component in the surface layer can be induced by the shear stress, which influences the drawability of the steel sheets. However, it is not taken into account in shear texture so far.

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