Extra Dimensions by GIF-Animation: Industrial Opportunities for Online Monitoring Fatigue Tests of Metals in Intranet and the Web

Yuri Gordienko, Elena Zasimchuk, and Rimma Gontareva,
Institute of Metal Physics of the National Academy of Sciences,
36 Vernadsky Blvd, Kiev 03148 Ukraine
Email: gord@imp.kiev.ua

Vadim Alexandrov,
Dialektika Computer Publishing, 4 Glushkova Street, Kiev, Ukraine
Email: valex@dcp.kiev.ua

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It is common knowledge that files in GIF format are widely used in the web media for appealing banners and fancy logotypes, but one can hardly imagine that one more useful application of GIF animation consists in the new way of representation of scientific data. GIF animations of scientific results cannot only be published in the web, but also be used with the further advantage that the results of permanent observations give the view on their evolution. Moreover, this is especially advantageous when the data itself is 3D, because in this case GIF animation can propose the simulated view on the 3rd dimension. In this paper we discuss the use of GIF animations: firstly, to extend temporal and spatial dimensions in representation of highly evolving scientific data; secondly, to publish the online results of fatigue tests of metals in intranet and the web. We also discuss the usefulness of optimisation routines appropriate to the particular type of data in a given application.

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