A Numerical Investigation of Cup-Forming by the Stretch-Drawing Process
Single and Double Operations.
Manabu GOTOH, Young- Soo KIM, Minoru YAMASHITA
Department of Mechanical & Systems Engineering, Gifu-University
Yanagido1-1, Gifu, 501-1193, Japan. E-mailadress: gotoman@mech.gifu-u.ac.jp

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In stretch- and deep-drawing processes, material elements of the sheet change direction by up to 90 degrees when the sheet material passes over the die profile; and, in the second stage of double operations when it passes over the blank-holder profile. This causes difficulties when attempting to simulate these processes using a dynamic code. Therefore, the usefulness of the dynamic explicit finite element code DYNA-3D for simulation of cup forming by the quasi-static processes of deep- and stretch-drawing both with single and double stages is tested. The numerical results show that the prediction of the cup depth is fairly good for almost all the cases tested. However, the numerically predicted limiting drawing ratio exceeds the corresponding experimental value for all cases tested.

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