Volume 4 - Number 2
            ISSN 1468-1137



Volume 4 - Number 2
Main Article

Fatigue Analysis of a Plate-with-a-hole Specimen and a Truck Exhaust Bracket Using Computer-Based Approach.

Other Articles

Boundary Elements-Wavelet Calculations of Sherwood Number for Two Adjacent Spherical Particles.

An Efficient Zigzag Toolpath Generation and Optimal Zigzag-lines Inclination angle.

1. University of Wolverhampton - Engineering Division

2. UK Forging Network

3. Metal Forming 2000

4. The Engineering Simulation and Design Research Group

5. 9th International Conference on Metal Forming

6. The Concurrent Engineering Conferences

7. The 5th ESAFORM Conference on Metal Forming

8. Condition Monitoring & Diagnostic Engineering Management

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