Auto-Negotiation in Competitive Power Industries
Nabeel Al-Fayoumi and Salem Al-Agtash
Computer Engineering Department,
Yarmouk University, Irbid 21163,

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The ultra fast growth of Internet-related applications has spurred several challenging research topics. One invigorating area is automated negotiation in E-commerce. This, in particular, relates to the negotiation process emerging in electricity markets. As the world is heading, hastely, towards privatization and restructuring of the power industry, the issue of automated negotiation becomes stimulating. This paper introduces an auto-negotiation server for the trading of electrical power. The server is software and computer architecture, which emulates the intelligence of human negotiation. A time-bounded auto-negotiation protocol is presented. The server is tested on a 3-bus system. The results show that automated trading drives the market price closer to the marginal cost of supply generation.

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