Application of Inverse Engineering Techniques To Forging Processes
M. T. Santos (LABEIN), S. Casado (LABEIN) and J. L. Romero (GSB Forja)
Mechanics Unit (Technological Centre LABEIN)
Cuesta de Olabeaga,16 Bilbao (SPAIN)
Phone: 34 94 489 24 00
Fax: 34 94 489 24 60

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Due to the requirements of forging industries, a new optimisation tool and methodology have been developed. The main objectives are to reduce lead-time, raise quality product and efficiency of the process and help in the most efficient way to improve operations within a forging facility. Following these requirements a new tool, called IE_TOOL, has been installed in several companies. The application can also run in a parallel environment to reduce the computation time. This tool allows the process designer to automatically obtain the best forging sequence design from the product specification, saving the cost of a trial-and-error design cycle and reducing the time-to-market for a new product.

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