Distance Learning and Remote Access of Manufacturing Information
Dr. Spencer Onuh MASME, and Dr. Hefin Rowlands CEng, MIEE.
Department of Engineering
University of Wales College, Newport
Allt-yr-yn Campus, Newport. NP20 5XR
Email: spencer.onuh@newport.ac.uk

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The growth of small manufacturing companies in the UK is vital for the economic development in terms of wealth and job creation. In order to maintain high levels of productivity and competitiveness, all companies large and small must invest not only in the latest technology but also need to exploit its benefits through an integrated approach utilising modern manufacturing techniques and methodologies. However, small manufacturing companies often do not have expertise or resources to investigate the benefits of the introduction of new technology and production techniques to their business. A project, called Remote Access Virtual Enterprise (RAVE), has been established to address this problem and significantly help Small/Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The RAVE facility uses the Ascot Systems video conferencing and multimedia hardware for remote distance learning and remote access to an advanced computer-integrated manufacturing system (CIM). This paper will discuss the aims of the project, the equipment and plans to enable its full benefits to be accessible to SMEs and its uses for teaching and research purposes.

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