Formulation of a Fast Vortex Method using MDGRAPE-2 

T. K. Sheel1 and S. Obi 2

  1 Institute of Technical Thermodynamics, University of Rostock, Rostock, Germany. *E-mail: 2 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Keio University, Japan
[1] Corresponding author;
act A mathematical formulation for a 3D vortex method has been developed for calculation using a special-purpose computer MDGRAPE-2. This paper is an extended version of a previous work (Sheel et al., Computers & Fluids, 36(8)). The offset collisions of two identical vortex rings have been calculated and the physical properties are observed to validate the proposed formulation. The acceleration is doubled compared to that observed in the previous work due to different parameters and numbers of particles while the error in the statistical quantities such as kinetic energy and enstrophy remains negligible.
Vortex Method, MDGRAPE-2, Vortex Ring, Kinetic Energy, Enstrophy

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