Improvement of Truck Semi-Trailer Ride Comfort using Different Control Strategies 

Aref M.A. Soliman[1] and Mina M.S. Kaldas [2]

  [1] South Valley University, Egypt. *Email: [2] TU Braunschweig, Institute of Automotive Engineering, Germany
[1] Corresponding author;
Driver ride comfort is an important goal in truck ride analysis; semi-trailer vertical and pitch motions are also important. The purpose of this study is therefore to improve truck semi-trailer ride comfort using different control strategies based on fuzzy logic control theory. The simulation analysis is based on a half truck semi-trailer model with fourteen degrees of freedom. The effect of time lag is considered and the influence of truck speed on ride comfort performance has been investigated. The theoretical results obtained show that using a fuzzy logic control with an active suspension system for different control strategies gives a significant improvement in truck semi-trailer ride comfort and does not have a negative effect on the semi-trailer vertical and pitch motions.

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