Boundary Element Method to Model Radiative Transport in Biological Turbid Medium. 

Kelvin E. Donne, Arnaud Marotin[1], Ala Al-Hussany and Gwenaelle M. Daniel.

  Faculty of Applied Design and Engineering, Swansea Metropolitan University, Mount Pleasant, Swansea, SA1 6ED Wales.
[1] Corresponding author;e-mail:
This paper presents a new attempt to modify the boundary element method (BEM) formulation of the diffusion approximation to the radiative transport equation, to model the propagation of photons in a turbid medium. Both diffuse and collimated light sources are considered in the formulation of the BEM. A geometric function is introduced to handle the forward scattering property of the medium in the case of a collimated and highly directional light source normally incident upon the tissue boundary. This function is included in the boundary element formulation to allow a more realistic representation of anisotropic scattering than the current approximation where fictitious buried isotropic point sources are introduced in the tissue. The results of the modified BEM solution are compared against corresponding Monte Carlo results and show very good agreement.

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