Academic and Industrial Use of PenSim©, a Web-Based Fed-Batch Simulator 

Bryan Loozeaa, Cenk Undeya and Ali Cinar b,1

  a Amgen Inc., West Greenwich, RI, 02817, USA
b Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL, 60616, USA

[1] Corresponding author;
A previously developed unstructured model of penicillin production and its web-based user interface has become a benchmark simulator for studying batch/fed-batch systems. The simulator developed at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) has been used in data generation towards utilization in many facets of modeling, advanced monitoring and control algorithm development, course work, and industrial training. Since the development of the model and the simulator, it has been used around the world as a batch/fed-batch benchmark. It continues to be a reliable source of batch data to be used as novel approaches in batch monitoring and control continue to be developed and serves as a virtual experiment environment. Due to a web address change, application is now available at
web-based simulator, penicillin production

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