Selective disassembly planning for product maintenance and recycle 

Qingjin Peng[1], Xiumei Kang, Chulho Chung

  Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
[1] Corresponding author;Email:
Maintenance provides a security for products working to the expected lifetime. Product disassembly is a necessary process in the product maintenance. It is also an important process in product recycling to reduce the environmental impact. Selective disassembly is particularly useful in the repair or replacement of failed parts in a product. Existing research on the selective disassembly mainly focuses on the product representation, disassembly planning, and the process optimization. The part accessibility and tool feasibility are rarely c o n si d e r e d , which i s important for the feasibility of product disassembly plans. This paper introduces the author's solution for problems of the selective disassembly based on reviews of the existing research. Examples are presented for the demonstration of proposed methods.

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