A free volumetric locking enhanced solid-shell element 

E.Triki[2] , B.Zouari[1] and F. Dammak [2]

[2] U2MP, National Engineering School of Sfax, B.P W3038, Sfax, Tunisia
[1] UDSM, National Engineering School of Sfax, B.P W3038, Sfax, Tunisia
[1] Corresponding author; bzouari@yahoo.com
This paper deals with the development of an eight-nodded solid-shell element based on the Hu-Washizu mixed variational formulation. To minimize the effect of locking for thin structures, assumed natural strain (ANS) and enhanced assumed strain methods (EAS), with 5 or 7 parameters, have been widely used in literature. The presented finite element model is based on the classical ANS method to resolve the shear locking effect and a nine parameters EAS method by using bilinear functions for the normal strain components. The numerical results obtained from linear and nonlinear analyses show that this Solid Shell Element with 9 parameters reduces the mesh distortion effect and eliminates the locking problem for incompressible materials
Solid-shell elements, mixed variational formulation, enhanced assumed strain, assumed natural strain, volumetric locking, shear locking.

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