The Effect of Multiple Rushton Turbine Use on Turbulent Flow in Stirred Tanks 

Wajdi Chtourou, Zied Driss[1] , Meriem Ammar, Mohamed Salah Abid [1]

  National Engineering School of Sfax (ENIS), Department of Mechanical Engineering, Laboratory of  Electro- mechanic Systems (LASEM), BP 1173, Soukra 3038, Sfax, Tunisia.
[1] Corresponding author;
In the present work, the hydrodynamic behavior induced by multiple Rushton turbines is numerically predicted by Multiple Reference Frames model (MRF) of computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). This steady state approach allows the modelling of unbaffled stirred tanks. The MRF model has been found to give adequate results for the steady-state simulation. A solution of the time-averaged Navier-stokes equations in conjunction with the k-e Renormalization Group (RNG) turbulence model is developed using a control volume discretization method.
Rushton turbine / stirred tank / CFD / turbulent / flow / MRF

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