Dhiren Dave1,*,  and Ashok Ghatol2

1Dhiren Dave, M. E. Electronics, Associate Professor, Tolani Maritime Institute, Induri, Taluq-Maval, Dist-Pune, India
2Ashok Ghatol, Ph. D.
Vice Chancellor, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere, Dist-Raigad, India.
*Corresponding Author Email: dhiren.dave@rediffmail.com

Modelling and Simulation are the two important steps in the design cycle of most of the control systems. This paper presents the architectural details for building an ODMCS (Oil Discharge Monitoring & Control System) simulator with animated graphical output. Some of the application areas of such software are also discussed. Additionally, it presents a novel approach towards completely automating the process of oily water discharge from oil tankers. The software is designed using advanced object oriented programming (OOP) approach. The important attributes of various classes developed to simulate various subsystems in the ODMCS are also discussed. The software was designed, developed and tested using C++ programming language.


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