Modelling of a class of Stewart platform for six degree of freedom Active Vibration Isolation

Rahmath Ulla Baig11* S. Pugazhenthi

  School of Mechanical Engineering, SASTRA University, Thanjavur-613401, India
* Corresponding author; email:
Many engineering systems require isolation of sensitive equipment from foundation vibrations or isolation of the foundation from machinery vibrations. Passive vibration isolation can be a solution to this problem in some cases. However, multi degree of freedom (DOF) active vibration isolation (AVI) is essential for precision control of a wide range of space borne structures as well as earth based systems. This paper studies the design of a six DOF vibration isolation system based on a Stewart platform mechanism by modelling in MATLAB. An optimal configuration of the Stewart platform for AVI is found from the simulation.
Stewart platform, Active vibration isolation

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