An Example of the use of optimisation in the development of high pressure die cast components & the resulting quantified cost & time benefits 

Kelvin Lake1*, Richard Thomas2, Martin Gambling3, Tony Lawson4,

 1 Swansea Metropolitan University, Swansea, UK,
 2 Swansea Metropolitan University, Swansea, UK,
 3 GRM Consulting Ltd., Leamington Spa, UK,
 4 Meridian Lightweight Tech. Inc., Nottingham, UK,
* Corresponding author
A unified theoretical model for the dynamic behaviour of a This paper details an application of FEA techniques in the optimisation of large, thin-walled, high-pressure, die cast magnesium alloy components for the automotive industry. Initially the processes of topology, topometry & shape optimisation are discussed before detailing good practice in the use of these techniques in the automotive industry by a first & second tier supplier to automotive OEMs. Finally, the way in which CAE led design fits into the product lifecycle, successfully reducing development times & costs, is discussed & demonstrated.

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