Modelling of Flue Gas and Air System of a Thermal Power Plant

Sorabh Gupta1 and P.C. Tewari 2

1Associate Professor and Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Haryana College of Technology and Management, Kaithal (Haryana), India
E mail:, Mobile No. 0091-9996021544
2 Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, NIT, Kurukshetra (Haryana), India
E mail:

The present paper deals with the opportunities for performance evaluation of flue gas and air system of a thermal power plant using probabilistic approach. The present system under study consists of four subsystems with three possible states: full working, reduced capacity working and failed. Failure and repair rates for all subsystems are assumed to be constant. Formulation of the problem is carried out using Markov birth-death process and a transition diagram represents the operational behavior of the system. After drawing transition diagram, differential equations have been generated. Then steady state probabilities are determined. Besides, some availability matrices are developed, which provides various availability levels for different combinations of failure and repair rates of all subsystems. From availability values in availability matrices, performance of each subsystem is analyzed and optimum values of failure/repair rates for maximum availability of each subsystem are noted and then maintenance decisions are taken for all subsystems.


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