Y. H. Liu1* R. W. Sarsby and C. J. Wang

  1 School of Water Resources & Hydro-Electrical Engineering, Xi’An University Of Technology, P R China, E-mail:
  2 School of Engineering & Built Environment, Wolverhampton University, Wulfruna Street, Wolverhampton WV1 1SB, UK, E-mail:
* Corresponding author
A unified theoretical model for the dynamic behaviour of a two-dimensional coupled fluid–solid system is presented. The fluid-solid interface is considered as an infinite number of fluid and solid contact dot-pairs. On the fluid-solid interface each dot-pair can be in a slip or a non-slip condition. The Finite Element Method is applied to the model and the dynamic governing equation is solved using the Wilson-? method. The model demonstrates that elastic modeling of structural elements makes a significant difference to the predicted effect of seismic excitation on water-retaining structures.
fluid–solid interface; dot-pair model; generalized variation principle; FEA

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